Friday, December 12, 2008

Mommy misses you so much!!!

My precious Greg,

I have been thinking about you everyday wondering where your father took you... It really has been very difficult to be without you not knowing where you are.

I miss you soooo much! I miss your smile, your voice, and all the up hugs that you used to give me. I still remember our last trip to Borders and the prezzel store and all the fun we had together while you were training on your bicycle. Everytime I drive through those streets I cry remembering how I used to hold your bike and run with you until you went free on your own... It was such a joyful moment that I will charish forever!

Everyday I pray that you are safe and that it will be the day you'll come back to me. I know you will come back and I am never giving up hope!

My thoughts and my prayers are always with you...

Thousands of hugs and bachigs to you my sweet Greg, my mangig Gregig, mama's heart!




Eagle Eye said...

Robert Silah family turned to be all of them are scam artists, just last month the mother (Lucy) and father (Alexander) scammed an old lady in Aleppo her home and money after they fled USA, claiming they are going to take care of her and her disabled son. of course the older brother in Aleppo (Robert) also involved in this scam. this family are simply criminals.....

Uncle Jhon said...


Thanks for your input. As mean as you are, I'm sure your father and uncles love you very much.