Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Mommy with LOTS of love!!!

My sweet Greg,

It's Valentine's Day! I'm Sending you a big warm hug and thousands of kisses especially for you over the miles!!!

I remember how you used to write me love notes and wait patiently for me to come home from work to read them... I remember your sweet smile and your warm hugs and how they used to cheer me up after a hard day at work... I want you to know that I deeply cherish all these memories in my heart as I think about you and miss you every single day!!! My sweet angel, hope you're doing well and hope you come home soon!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart!!!


Love, Mommy

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ox_emily_ox said...

aww:( im so sorry about this.. my thoughts and prayers are with your family..
hope you find him