Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remembering the Good Times Together...

My sweet Greg,

I saw you in my dream last night. We were toghether on a camping trip and were having so much fun together. The dream felt so real and brought back so many good memories. I remember our last camping trip... How we went hiking across the ocean in the early mornings and how we waited patiently to spot the dolphins from far. I remember how we camped by the fire at night and you burned your marshmallow and started laughing saying it turned into charcoal. :) I remember how we did arts and crafts together and we painted funny faces and hearts on pebbles and stones... I so wish that we can go camping again and visit the dolphins, hunt for bugs, paint on pebbles and burn our marshmallows just for the fun of it... My sweet angel, I miss you very much and hope you come home soon so we can do all the fun things toghether again!


Love, Mommy

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