Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two years ago this day...

Two years ago this day your father abducted you and took you away and ever since then it has been an agonizing nightmare for me. I think about you everyday wondering where you are and what you are doing... I think about you while praying, driving to work or working in the kitchen and can't help my tears... My sweet Greg, I miss you so much and so wish that you come home soon.
Your birthday is coming up in two weeks. I can't believe you are going to turn 12! Oh how I wish I could see you, hold you and kiss you...I can't describe how painful it is to spend another year without you!
Last night Daniel and I bought you a birthday present which I think you are going to really like. I wrapped it and placed it on your desk in your room. It's waiting for you to come home.... hopefully real soon!
I hope this would be the last year we are apart and I pray that next year at this time you'll be with us celebrating your 13th birthday together!!!

Warm hugs and kisses to you over the miles...

Love, Mommy

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