Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Little Eaglie" is waiting for you to come home!

My sweet and precious Greg,

Few days ago we drove to Lake Tahoe on a vacation. It is a place up in the mountains similar to Big Bear where nature is magnificantly beautiful! I was thinking about you all the time and remembering our trips that we used to take to Big Bear and how exciting it was to go hiking, fishing, collecting "cool" rocks and hanging out around the lake.
While we were at Tahoe, Daniel, Meera and I went fishing and I thought of you and said to myself, if Greg was here he would have loved fishing now at this beautiful crystal blue lake. I sat there and just gazed far wondering where you were while wishing so much that you were also with us. We then went river rafting on the Trukee River and you were also on my mind... It was a lot of fun and I bet you would have loved it too! At the souvenir shop I saw a little eagle stuffed animal and yes, you came to my mind... I remembered "Eaglie" (your soft and cuddly toy stuffed animal that I bought for you at Big Bear) I said, this little eagle is for my precious Greg and is coming home with us. I called him "Little Eaglie" and put him on your desk. He is waiting for you to come home and so is everyone! Greg, I hope that you will be with us on our next summer vacation!

Love you and miss you very much!!!

Love, Mommy

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