Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missing you this Halloween!

My dearest Greg,

Today Meera and I went to Panera, a bread store. I saw lots of freshly baked bread and remembered you instantly. I remembered how we used to buy a big loaf of bread and you couldn't wait until we got home to eat it. We also baked some pumpkin cupcakes. I wish you were with us to lick the spoon just like you used to.
We went to the store and bought some candy for Halloween. I remembered how we used to go Trick or Treating and how you used to empty your bag full of candy on the floor and start picking the ones you like while munching on them one by one and hidding the rest from Seant :)
Greg, we will be missing you this Halloween and we hope that next year you will be with us so we can all go Trick or Treating and collect lots of candy just like the old times!
Love you and miss you so much!!!
Hugs and kisses
Love, mommy


Gohar said...

Dear Christina,

I watched the news and heard about Greg being found, and I also found this website. Your postings were beautiful. Thank God they found Greg and his cousins. I always thought about you and Greg, and it broke my heart, but thank God that you didn't give up on finding your son. God answered your prayers and wishes, and I'm so happy that your wish about being able to spend the holidays with your son came true.
I miss you guys, can't wait to see new pictures of you and Greg soon.

You've always been a great mom. :)

Miss you guys, hope to see you soon,

Gohar, Albert's mom from school

Uncle Jhon said...


That's such a lovely message I'm going to forward it to Christine (she's 'disconnected' for a few days to a week while in the Netherlands).